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Cabs Are Your Best Friends During Outstation Trips


The two busy cities of Maharashtra – Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar – is not near to one another. The journey takes nearly 7 hours, depending on the type of transport you are availing. For long distance traveling, it is the best to avoid public transportation like buses. Since National Highways connect the two places, the roadways will be free from any jerk. You would want a relaxed and comfortable journey, which is next to impossible without booking a cab.

Places to go on cab

Mahabaleshwar is a favorite tourist spot as it has a unique landscape. It is a hilly region with a dense green forest. It has historic features like the Pratapgad fort. So, it is wise to hire Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. You can stop at the various temples, 3 Monkey point, and Arthur seat point as long as you can. You do not need to leave Venna Lake and Lingamala Waterfalls quickly for the fear of missing the bus. Additionally, you might plan for visiting some exotic places. Public buses will not fulfil those wishes of yours.

Prefer cabs over buses

There are a handful of reasons to prefer cabs and not buses.

  • The different boarding and destination points are usually not near to your doorstep. So to reach those points, you will need to arrange other ways of communication.
  • You cannot travel all the distance without taking a few breaks for having food. Buses will not stop at your favorite stalls.
  • Most of the bus services hardly have any entertainment options like music systems. You can listen to your favorite songs in the cab.
  • You would not get discounted ticket fare. But if you are a little lucky, you will get lower rates for a cab.
  • There are various car types available. This option should let you vote for a cab as well.
  • Bus services do not provide charging point facilities. In a case of emergency, you can get your phone’s battery charged in the cab.
  • Elderly people and kids would also be comfortable in this mode of the journey rather than buses.

Places to visit positively

  • Elphinstone point – To go to this place, buses will drop you much before the actual point. You cannot just miss this place. The cliffs have such a structure that it looks like Elephant’s head and the trunk.
  • Lingamala Waterfall – You will never hear of buses to take you to a waterfall, but cabs do reach you as near as they can. Do not miss the opportunity to see water falling from a height of more than 600 ft. into the Venna Lake.
  • Sunset Point – Witnessing Sunset from a hilly place is an add-on to your trip. Most of the bus services become unavailable as the sun approaches the horizon on the West. So, do not worry about returning as your cab will be waiting for you.

For round the clock communication services, do not look for an option other than Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. It is the only means of transport that will keep your trip hassle-free.

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