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Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

Your professional commitments have tired you out. All through the week, you had a harrowing time. Now that the weekend has come, it is the time to take a break. The fact that you are in Mumbai proves to be advantageous. You can plan a weekend gateway at Mahabaleshwar. It is easy to access the hill station via the National Highways. So, all you need to do is line up an arrangement with a service that provides Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. Since the service provides online booking facility, you can get the booking done, with a few mouse clicks.

Travel by road is a great option for relaxation, especially if you are travelling to a location which has beauty of nature. People from South India has a great option in this regard. That is Western Ghats Mountains. Few of the prominent names among them are Ooty, Kodaikanal, Moonnar, Kudremukh etc. What about people from Mumbai? Do we have any easily accessible Western Ghats Mountain? Yes we have; it is Mahabaleshwar, a hill station which enthrals you with its natural beauty and thick vegetation.

We can come to know more about Mahabaleshwar, and Public transport and Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar.


A city cum hill station, which is located around 260 KMs from Mumbai by road and are accessible via NH66 and NH4. It is located at an elevation of 1353 meters from sea level and is one of the few ever green forest and habitat in India. There are many important places to visit, like lakes, viewpoints, temples, water falls etc. Among the few important are Venna Lake, a beautiful natural lake with option for boating; Lingamala waterfalls, a waterfall of height 600 ftand falls into Venna Lake; Pratapgad, a fort built by  Great Shivaji; Wilson Point, the highest point in Mahabaleshwar and you can view both sunrise and sunset from here etc. The city has a great climate ranging from 9ºC to 29ºC, which makes it an all-time favourite spot for many. We should understand the importance of the city that during summer season Bombay province capital was being moved from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwarin Colonial period. If you wanted to get the joy of watching nature and its life, the city and its suburbs are an ideal spot for you.

Transport Options

The best option to travel here is by road, as there is no railway network or Airport in the city. Rather than using public transport, I would suggest you to use Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. There are professional cab servicing companies at your service, will be helpful in deciphering your needs and intentions. These service providers are found to be very courteous and would like to maintain a professional relationship with you. Apart from that they are very keen on your satisfaction and help you with all possible options that can entertain you. Time bound, 24*7 service, support etc., are major highlights of their services. Also they found to be providing discounts to their customers and some are providing special offers to frequent travelers.

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You can have a relaxing journey

 Car drives are a great source of relaxation. At the back of your mind, you know that in a few hours’ time from now, you will be in the middle of thick vegetation and breathtaking scenery. The zigzag turns on the way offer a fascinating view of the ravines and the delightful deep valleys. You have a lovely time making your way through the road flanked by gigantic banyan trees. The entire stretch finds itself dotted with farms and innumerable shrines.  It is up to you to decide if you want to halt and drop into those. Even if you stay put on the car, you can look forward to having a wonderful experience. The journey, by Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, with its sharp zigzagging turns, keeps you engrossed.

Lots to explore and unravel

 Once you have reached the destination, you will have plenty of things to do. The scenic splendor is not the only catch of Mahabaleshwar that is approximately two-hundred and sixty kilometers away from Mumbai. Besides enjoying the scenery, you will love boating in the Venna Lake. Viewing the sunrise, as well as, the sunset from the Wilson Point is another of your option. The place is full of temples, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls. Visitors traveling to the hill destination, make it a point to catch a glimpse of the Pratapgad Fort. It testifies to the contributions made by the great Maratha ruler, Shivaji. You will enjoy walking down the main street as it is full of curio shops and eating corners. If you love strawberry; then, it is a must to visit this destination. While on your drive, you can relish the flavors of strawberries coated with fresh cream.

Why choose a cab service

You already are aware of the incentives and attractions that are there for you. But the question that becomes relevant is why should you opt for the Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar? Travelling by road happens to be the most convenient solution. The place doesn’t have an air terminal. Neither does it have a directly accessible railway network. Idealistically speaking, you will not like wasting your time by breaking your journey, in several parts. Then, you already know that driving will turn out to be a fun-filled diversion. The cab service provider minimizes your hassles, those that you had to experience if you were to drive by yourself. The facilities are willing to work things out, according to your plan.

A source of support and safety

 It doesn’t take more than four to five hours’ drive to reach Mahabaleshwar. But all along, you know that you have a constant source of support. The drivers of the Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar are well acquainted with the road safety practices. Driving through the sharp turns needs quite a bit of expertise. As far as the safety angle is concerned, you have a precious little to worry. Drivers know how to make an optimum use of breaks and power steering. You find yourself, in a zone of comfort. That’s because you know that you are free from the hassles of driving.

Guides your tour

Irrespective of what you do, you can have the cab, by your side. The driver is ready to make all arrangements so that you can visit the Monkey Point, Falkland Point and the exotically located Elphinstone’s Point. Similarly, if you want to spend the evening doing nothing, then the driver may well advise you to see around the main marketplace. Up there, you can loiter from shop to shop and enjoy the flavors of strawberry ice-cream. The cabs serve as the tourist guide. So, even the newcomers who have been visiting the destination for the very first time can have the right inputs and information.

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Start the journey by Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar to make this vacation memorable.

Venna Lake

Venna Lake Mahabaleshwar

Venna Lake is a famous holidaymaker spot and picnic spot in Mahabaleshwar, celebrated for its natural backdrops and delightful waters. The lake was made by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, who was Raja of Satara within the year 1842. The lake is enclosed by trees on all sides. Tourists will relish a ship ride over the lake or a horse ride next to the lake. Variety of tiny eateries lines the banks of the lake.

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Sunset Point

Sunset Point

The Sunset point that is additionally best-known by a Bombay point is one in every of the foremost crowded point within the Mahabaleshwar. This time is found close to the Valleys of previous Bombay Road, owing to this reason the point is additionally referred to as by a Bombay point. Because it may be a Sunset point it’s sensible to go to this time at the time of Sunset. So you’ll see the various hues of the sun. Additionally there’s a decent atmosphere of the mountains that feels very refreshing.

Elphinstone Point


The Elphinstone point conjointly legendary by Elephant’s Head point is one amongst the simplest points to be visited in Mahabaleshwar. The cliffs that overhang gibe Associate in Nursing elephant’s head and trunk. so the point got its name because the Elephant’s Head point. The Elephant’s Head point is on the far side the Lodwick point. The Elephant’s Head point is that the extreme finish of the range of mountains.

Lingmala Waterfall


There is a natural and delightful web site in Mahabaleshwar that draws tourists to pay your time close to nature, water of Lingamala. This water is located around six klick from town and joins with Venna Lake to a lower place it. In monsoon, this water appearance additional lovely and vivacious, creating this web site the foremost auspicious place to go to for the guests. The most attractions of this water square are the shining water and plush inexperienced backdrops. The peak of the water is around 600 foot and once foam plunges down it offers an impressive read to the spectators. The most effective season to go to this place is around summers and monsoon.