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Cabs from Mumbai to Matheran

Adventurous Ride By Cabs From Mumbai To Matheran

Matheran, the smallest hill station, is located on the range of Western Ghats. It is at a height of around 800 m above sea level. People travel from urban Mumbai to Matheran to experience the vagaries of nature. The amazing city of Matheran is a favourite weekend getaway for the people of Mumbai. The distance from Mumbai to Matheran is around 108 km. This stunning tourist spot attracts many tourists from Mumbai all year along. Many tourists travel by cabs from Mumbai to Matheran. The following factors may be worth considering for taking cabs on this route.

  • Travelling by cabs is faster. You do not have to wait for the rail timings.
  • Among other modes of transportation, getting to Matheran is possible by train. However, the train route from Mumbai extends up to Neral Junction Station only. From Neral there is a toy train which takes care of the rest of the trip. Though the journey is scenic with breath taking views but it becomes hectic. So traveling by cabs from Mumbai to Matheran is a better option.
  • The toy train has to be booked in advance especially in the peak season which can be cumbersome. So traveling by cabs instead is a hassle free alternative.
  • The route to Matheran from Mumbai is well connected by road. So travelers can commute comfortably by cabs on this scenic route.
  • The hill station of Matheran offers adventurous trekking scope to the tourists of Mumbai. Many tourists travel by cabs to Matheran and prefer a one hour trek to the sun set point.
  • A cab ride from Mumbai to Matheran provides you with an opportunity to absorb the picturesque surroundings.
  • The cab ride on roads made of red laterite soil somewhat gives a different experience to the urban people of Mumbai.
  • The road route to Matheran provides an opportunity to the travelers to get a panoramic view of the plains below. The beautiful British style architecture and Parsi mansions are a treat for sore eyes.
  • Matheran lies in an elevated region. So a cab ride from Mumbai to Matheran is adventurous.
  • The cabs from Mumbai to Matheran offer special packages depending upon the requirements of the customers. Discounts are available especially during the winter season. Discounted rates are also available for people of the corporate sector.
  • The cab services are available from any part of Mumbai.
  • You will enjoy a smooth ride under the guidance of trained drivers.
  • You will get cabs in immaculate and well maintained condition.
  • Every trip is tracked from start to finish. The cab company is aware of the whereabouts of each of its cab.
  • The cab company is also able to track the pick up and drop off . This ensures the safety of the passengers at all times.
  • Cab fares are reasonable. It will vary with the type of cabs you want to use. The rates are cheaper if you use the cabs with basic facilities. If you want additional comfort then opt for high end luxury sedans.
  • Payment for cabs is a simple process now. Customers can make the payments prior to taking the ride through their credit cards. There is no pressure for tipping the cab drivers then.
  • The cab companies have incredible support system to guide you with your specific requirements if any.
  • Cab services are available with options like Mumbai and Matheran sightseeing. You can book the cabs for the entire day if you want.
  • Information about the cabs from Mumbai to Matheran are also available online. In this way you can make a comparative analysis with ease from the comforts of your home.

You can customize your packages. There are pilgrimage packages, adventure packages and honeymoon packages. There are packages for the people of the corporate sector too.

Many people in city like Mumbai have always a confusion where to go? The answer is very clear, choose any of the hill station, as the entry to national parks would mostly be restricted. It has to be noted that there are few beautiful hill stations with abundance of natural vegetation near Mumbai. I would like to recommend you one such hill station, which is Matheran, which is quite near to Mumbai and a lot of Cabs from Mumbai to Matheran available for your service.

Matheran: A Paradise for Travellers

It is located around 80 KMs from Mumbai and well connected by road in various routes. You can either travel via Mumbai-Bangalore highway or Neral-Badlapur road. The city is located at 800 meter above sea level in Western Ghats. There are some 38 spots in the hill station, where you can get panoramic view, which can offer you to experience sunrise and sunsets. Considering the proximity to wildlife, it is declared as eco-sensitive zone by Government of India. An option to experience the endemic species of flora and fauna, will really excite you. Some of them are bonnet macaques, Hanuman langurs, Malabar giant squirrel etc. Average temperature of the city falls between 13ºC to 32ºC. Another important feature of the city is its hill railway known Matheran Light Railway. Do you know it made a failed attempt to get into World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009? Also it has two lakes including the beautiful Charlotte Lake. Be informed that you can’t do boating or swimming here as the lake is a fresh water lake and city uses its water for drinking. The city is a cool and silent as it has a population of 5000 people per the latest census.

Better travel planning by cabs

Depending upon the requirements of the customers the cab services are provided. You can book the car from any Mumbai location. You can book the car of your choice from any of the hotels of Mumbai or from airport terminals. You can make the booking of your cab in advance. This will ensure you a hassle free ride to Matheran.

Choose Cabs

When you travel, choose cabs from Mumbai to Matheran, as you can enjoy the journey in full spirit, rather than depending on public transport. This gives you convenient journey of your choice and you can have stop overs on the way. Since there are some professional cab servicing companies from Mumbai to Matheran, who are very familiar with the routes and viewpoints, you don’t have a point to worry. Apart from travelling own vehicle, using a professional cab services will offer you the much relaxation you required and help you to enjoy the journey.

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Shall we start this weekend with cabs from Mumbai to Matheran?

Matheran Toy Train


It’s astonishing to pass Toy train from Neral to Matheran a hill station in Raigad district in Maharashtra (India). Toy Trains journey takes around 281 heroic tale zigzag turns (ghat) from Neral to Matheran hill high.  The Matheran Railway could be a little line of two foot. Gauge made within the year 1907 and being rewarded World Heritage in by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. It’s mode of transport to succeed in the upland high within the close to locality of the town of metropolis. This railway is thought as matheran toy train. Later the special Toy Train has honored by the name “PhulRani”

Neral – Matheran – A hill station at associate altitude of 800 meters (average height of 2500 feet on top of ocean level), Matheran is one hundred ten clicks off from metropolis on Mumbai-Pune rail route.

A railway toy train from Neral (87 click. from Mumbai) meanders up the mountain, treating the tourists to a wide ranging read.
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Horses at Matheran

You need to park your automotive (even if you’re not willing to try and do so!) at Dasturi Naka. Dasturi Naka is three kms faraway from Main Street of Matheran or railways station of Matheran.

One will expertise grand receiving at Dasturi Naka at terribly next step once he came out of his automotive by the military of masses horses round the Dasturi Naka. There’s Army of around five hundred trained & disciplined Horses in Matheran.

Few of them are victimization for purpose of transportation of bags and alternative are equipped for traveling with you and for you. You’ll have selection of Black, Brown, White, Tall and Short horses in Matheran.

Horsemen of Matheran are acknowledging for dedication of their lives to horses and to the tourist of Matheran.  Riding on the muddy slopes of Matheran is superb to expertise. You’ll additionally learn riding lesson at Olympia course conducted by horsemen of Matheran.

Nature of Matheran

 Matheran Nature

At Matheran you may be relax and rejuvenating. Very this is often the impact of Matheran atmosphere, that you may be practiced. Its crown placed in Sahayadri hill Ranges, at 2400 feet higher than water level. You may realize deep forest and Red mud road at Matheran and for transportation you’ll walk, will rent Horse or rickshaw pullers.

Today within the twenty first Century wherever automobile, bike and Automobile became your life partner, even once doctor’s suggestion you’ll not walk and expire of your Vehicle. We have a tendency to found that within the whole world, pollutions within the cities cannot be controlled at any level. However the Matheran is calm! Calm!! Calm!!! Matheran isn’t simply the town that left behind, however conjointly the dissonance of traffic.

It’s damn certain, 100 percent one won’t hear even one single horn any wherever in Matheran. Cars, Bikes and any Automobile aren’t allowed over here. All the vehicles need to be park at Dasturi Naka that three kms outside the most street of Matheran and this is often the distinctiveness of Matheran town. For such, Matheran is that the solely place in Asia and one in every off among the few places within the world.

Monkeys at Matheran

Monkey's at Matheran

There are several numbers of monkeys here, they’re a really common sight, jump from tree to tree or rising the housetops.

They are a restless race with large bodies and black faces, although some have a red or a whitish tinge within the color of their faces. It’s a really funny spectacle to ascertain their females clutching their very little ones shut underneath their bellies and jumping or their youngsters engaged during a hot quarrel.

They ne’er molest the passersby although in a number of them familiarity with world generates such associate presumption that they enter the homes and lay their hands on any factor they select underneath the terribly nose of the occupants.

However, whereas walking on Matheran roads, simply take care and do not carry any variety of bag in hands they’ll attack you forward it as a food. Native peoples recommend traveler to hold “Pandhari Stick” (Pandhari is that the reasonably tree found in Matheran) for safety.