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Cab services have become a day-to-day necessity for everyone. People opt for comfort to travel from one corner of the city to another corner of city. Our social needs have enhanced and therefore, people look for better options in travelling. Travel from Pune to Aurangabad is quite distant. Sometimes, it becomes tiresome if proper commute is not arranged.

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We are in this business with a long term vision of assisting and helping people in their safe travel. Professionally driven with a better transportation services from Pune to Aurangabad. Passengers are offered a safe and reliable travel.

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Devgiri Fort

Cabs from Pune to Aurangabad Devgiri Fort

Devgiri Fort is situated in the village of Daulat. The massive fort immediately attracts you and has you spellbound the moment you set your eyes on it. It stands on a conical hill, about 200 meters high. Much of the lower slopes of the hill has been cut away by Yadava dynasty rulers to leave 50 meter vertical sides to improve defenses. The fort is a place of extraordinary strength. The only means of access to the summit is by a narrow bridge, with passage for not more than two people abreast, and a long gallery, excavated in the rock, which has for the most part a very gradual upward slope.

Aurangabad Caves

Taxi from Pune to Aurangabad Caves

The Aurangabad caves are 12 artificial rock-cut Buddhist shrines located on a hill running roughly east to west in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The cave temples of Aurangabad cut between the 6th and the 8th century are nine kilometers from Aurangabad. Caves are divided into three separate groups depending on their location. Sculptural carvings of Aurangabad Caves reached belong to highest achievements of Indian classical art and can be compared to the best paintings of Ajanta.

Bibi Ka Maqbara

Cab Service from Pune to Aurangabad Bibi Ka Maqbara

Bibi Ka Maqbara is situated about 5 kms from the Aurangabad city, the burial place of Aurangzeb wife, Rabia-Durrani. It is an imitation of the Taj Mahal. Behind the tomb is located a small archeological museum. The comparison with the Agra monument has unfortunately somewhat degraded the Aurangabad tomb which in itself displays a worthwhile architectural design, with much distinguished surface ornamentation in the late Mughal style.

Ajanta Caves

Taxi Service Pune to Aurangabad Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves are world’s greatest historical  monument recognised by UNESCO located  just 55kms from Jalgaon city and 105 kms from  Aurangabad City of Maharashtra, India. There are  30 caves in Ajanta of which 9, 10, 19, 26 and 29 are chaitya-grihas and the rest are monasteries. These caves were discovered in 1819 and were built up in the earlier 2nd century. Most of the paintings in Ajanta are right from 2nd century and some of them about the fifth century and continued for the next two centuries. All paintings shows heavy religious influence and centre around Buddha, Bodhisattvas, incidents from the life of Buddha and the Jatakas. The paintings are executed on a ground of mud-plaster in the tempera technique.

Ellora Caves

Cabs from Pune to Aurangabad Ellora Caves

Ellora is a site of cave temples of the 9th century, 20 km north of Aurangabad in the Sahyadri Hills, Maharashtra, India. The caves were excavated from volcanic rock along a 2-km stretch of west-facing embankment. There are 34 major caves, numbered consecutively rather than chronologically, starting with the Buddhist group (Caves 1-13) in the south. Other groups are dedicated to the Hindu pantheon (Caves 14-29) and to Jainism (Caves 30-34). The most notable monument is Cave 16, the Kailasa Temple, which represents the culmination of rock-cut architecture, with huge sculptural reliefs heightening the overall symbolism of the temple as cosmic mountain and as the home of Shiva.