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Monsoon is Knocking at your Door-Pack your Bags and get Going

“Pitter patter raindrops” start falling and our heart is filled with longing desires to get peace through voyage to exotic locations. Monsoon is that time of year when, mountains and grasslands become lush green and you can dwell in the environment of pure harmony. Crystal clear lagoons of shimmering water and gushing waterfalls with sapphire spurt add thrill to your heart and soul. Plunge into these exotic locations and immerse yourself into truly pristine locations, which are hidden gems of our country. Adventure seekers can put their adventure trait to trial while luxury seekers can indulge in opulence and privacy.

Here are some awe-inspiring places which can help you feel refreshed from everyday stress and help in soaking your tensions away

  • Singhagad Fort: located at 30km southwest of bustling city Pune, Singhagad Fort was home to Maratha warriors. It is perched on top of a cliff situated in Sahyadri Mountains. Adventure seekers love to trek on steep slopes and love to explore the magnificent architecture and handiwork done within the huge walls. A favorite picnic spot for the trekkers, the fort has temples of Hanumanji and Goddess Kali, which are worth visiting. Trekking route to the fort from the entrance takes about one hour, however, during the monsoons, one must be careful due to slippery roads. Indulge in the greenery around of Singhagad Fort while examining traces of intriguing heritage.
  • Malshej Ghat: It is located at about 126 Kms away from Mumbai and is famous due to its untouched beauty. Serene Environment of the place with lush green mountain tops attracts the travelers to the place again and again. Adventure lovers like trekkers and hikers love this mountain pass situated in the Western Ghats. They indulge in an unconventional journey through trekking trails which lead to crystal clear waterfalls, sapphire shimmering lakes and mystical historic forts. You can engage in exotic bird watching over there, as you will envisage extraordinary birds like pink flamingos, quails, purple moor-hen or whistling thrush. Other attractions around the place are Harishchandragad fort which houses lord Vishnu temple and Buddha caves near the fort. Enjoy activities like rock climbing or catch all the action under cascading waterfalls.
  • Tamini Ghat: Located near the Mumbai Goa expressway, Tamini Ghat is the best during monsoons with lush greenery and river rafting in Lake of Mulshi Dam. When you stroll over the climb, you will reach unending meadows strewn with flowers, vociferous streams, refreshing waterfalls and the gray clouds touching your shoulders. An exotic place to plunge in Tamini ghat is ethereal with mountain tops which roll into a landscape with surprise at every step. A walk towards Mulshi backwaters will lead you towards Palse waterfall which is immensely crowded and here you will find many resorts for overnight stay. Adventure seekers can sample white river rafting amidst nature’s boundless creations.
  • Kune Falls: Situated just 2kms away from Khandala, Kune falls are mystical waterfalls with exquisite scenic beauty. The Main highlight of Lonavala, this place is a visual and sensory delight with cascading waterfall falling in three tiers from the Sahyadri Mountains. Surrounded by lush green meadows and jaw dropping scenery, the place is a great attraction for tourists who wish to indulge in activities like swimming and bathing under the falls. You can also visit the Kune church located at short distance from the waterfalls.
  • Mulshi dam: located at very small distance from Pune and Mumbai, Mulshi is a perfect getaway from the stressful city life. You can immerse yourself in splendid activities like camping, fishing, bird watching, farm rides, tractor ride, etc. The region has stunning beauty with striking landscape amidst the mystical surroundings with clouds strewn over the mountains like candy floss. Feel the tranquility while travelling through forests and exploring quaint flora and fauna. Enjoy rustic activities like rice planting or kite flying and soak your stress away.
  • Khadakwasala dam: Just 20kms away from Pune, is located Khadakwasala dam, which basks in the serene scenic beauty.  Perfect weekend getaway for people from Pune, the place is crowded during holidays, with a carnival like environment. With camel rides and several culinary delights by vendors, this place is charming with lively atmosphere.
  • Karla Caves: Situated on the Mumbai-Pune highway, Karla caves are delight of an archeologist and history explorers. With mystical and mesmerizing beauty encompassed in caves, beautiful carvings and decorations are done with great detailing. One of the oldest Buddhist shrines, these caves were built about 2000 years ago. The place has many fables attached to it and is quite amusing to visit.
  • Aamby Valley City: Situated at a distance of 120 kms from Mumbai and 90 kms from Pune, Aamby Valley is one of the finest y designed by Sahara as India’s completely planned city of hills. With many basic facilities like hospitals, school, power and telecom stations, shopping complex, etc. this city has many luxurious suites designed according to several budgets. Recreational areas, Golf course, airport and community centers are some of the great features of the city. The city is exotic with lush green surroundings and water bodies reflecting from the windows of every luxurious villa. It has several coffee shops and restaurants where you can relish several culinary delights. If you want to indulge in a laidback luxury with peace and tranquility around you, you must visit Aamby Valley City.

Start an unconventional journey with Aadesh Cabs these monsoons and explore these exquisite places to experience the best of our country.

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