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Cabs And Its Social And Economic Importance

Ever since the human generation started living as a social animal, it started travelling from one place to another. This was to address various needs like food, resources, water, nourished soil etc. Years have passed, but the needs remain almost same and man travels from one place to another. There is a significant change happened over the years, that is mode of transportation. Initially if it was by walk, then it changed to cart, then to motor vehicles, aero planes etc.
The mode of transport today can be classified into 4 categories that are by road, by rail, by air and by water. It depends on needs and the distance needs to cover up, these modes are variably used. The most dependent and popular one is road transport and there are industries grown around road transport and that are cab services, travel services, tour agencies, cargo services etc. Considering the fact that the cab services completely rely on road transport, we can go in depth about this industry.

The Industry

Initially, it was individual cabs with drivers were in the business and was not treated as a professional service. Later on it has been transformed to professional services and companies have been set up with registered office, branches to address the customers’ needs by uniform charges per KM and cabs are available at a phone call, GPS tracking system, option to book in advance, offers for frequent travelers, 24×7 services etc.

A recent study showed that the Indian market size of this industry is $9 billion. From this the organized sector is roughly around $500 million. The best service providing companies with great customer driven initiatives are the winners.

Aspects of the cab companies that drives customer satisfaction 

·Reliability – Considering this service is time bound and many of the customers could be travelling with time bound schedule, it is important to have reliable service to get the heart of the customer

·Security – Considering the recent news headlines on criminal activities committed by taxi drivers, it is extremely important to have courteous and pleasing staffs from each cab servicing companies. Also keep in mind of the metropolitan culture; late night travels and quickly-disappearing difference of gender in case of travel, making this as the most important aspect win the business and customers.

·Accessibility – Again considering the late night travel, travel across the country, customers would always prefer the services, which are available 24×7 hassle-free. The industry has been shaped in such a way that most of the professional cab servicing companies is now providing 24×7 cab services including cabs from Mumbai to Pune.

Cabs from Mumbai to Pune

If you are planning to avail cabs from Mumbai to Pune as a customer, refer for the feedback provided by their customers, reputation in the internet. Also try to get the details of the driver and importantly get in touch with cab servicing company if required, while travelling. Always keep in mind that if you are travelling late night, please only use professional cab servicing companies, as they can arrange alternate options and assist you if something goes wrong like accident, breakdown or any other issues. These are highly important when you are traveling in cabs from Mumbai to Pune, considering the distance between both the cities.

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