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Cultural History of Pune with Aadesh Cabs Pune Darshan

Pune Darshan

Pune Darshan with a rental car is something that brings excitement and proven to be a trip memorable for a whole lifetime. Pune Darshan with a rental car is something that brings excitement and proven to be a trip memorable for a whole lifetime.

Maharashtra has Pune as its capital. It is the city of vibrant metropolis and also becomes a center of academia and business. Pune is also famous worldwide for the Osho International Medication Resort. Known as a birth place of brave Shivaji and Peshwas, Pune is rich of history. The Pune Darshan is regarded as the best option as a short trip. Some of the old universities and colleges are present here for both Indian and international students. With the development, Pune promises the future that is as mesmerizing as history. The open and spacious city now has become a commercial center for many things. The city is surrounded by the beautiful lakes and hills, thus the weather of Pune is temperate and called as the greenest urban cities in the India.

Sightseeing in Pune

1. Darshan museum

This museum gives the amazing experience to the people visiting there. It’s just speechless as the 90 minutes of audio-visual created on the life of Sadhu Vaswani. With the new technology, it will feel like living his life with his own.

2. Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple

The temple is located about fifty kilometers away from Pune. The temple is of Lord Ganesha and ha huge, creative entrance. Basically, the Madhavrao Peshwa had constructed a room having Lord Ganesha idol. At weekends, many devotees come here to pray their homage.

3. Torna Fort

A great trekking track, Torna Fort is famous for its fascinating weather. While trekking, a person can easily tranquilize on its beautiful sceneries. At the entry only, you can feel how beautiful can the nature be. At least visit once and get welcomed by the wide grassland plains and exotic sights.

4. Malshej Ghats

A serene hill station having numbers of lakes, mountains and waterfalls are the symbol of Malshej Ghats. It is very popular name among the trekkers, hikers and nature lovers. The Ghats are heaven on Earth and full of nature’s beauty.

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