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Dive into a True Paradise in Mahabaleshwar where Tranquility Reigns

Mahabaleshwar is a weekend getaway with beautifully varied panoramas and eternal charm surrounding the hills. Meandering road with breathtaking views and cool breeze are a perfect illustration of visual and sensory amusement. Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are fabulous and marvelous for travelers from Mumbai or Pune and you can get there by cab to revel in the natural beauty. The place has festive like feeling with street shops full of local food and curios which encompasses culture at its best. Mahabaleshwar is around 120kms away from Pune and 285kms from Mumbai it can be reached by Cab Service from Aadesh cabs. This vast plateau is the source of River Krishna, which has mythological importance. There are several sightseeing places in and around Mahabaleshwar and you can relish fresh strawberries and ice-creams while soaring over striking landscapes. Here are a few places of interest, which you can visit in Mahabaleshwar

  • Venna Lake: it is an artificial lake made in 1942 by descendents of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The lake is a visual feast surrounded by greenery on all sides and many thrilling activities like boat rowing, paddling, etc. Are done there. There is a lush green garden strewn with colorful flowers on the bank of the river and several restaurants and eateries is present serving local foods. Honeymooners as well as families enjoy at the lake and indulge in the lively cultural community.
  • Dhobi Waterfall: around 3 kms away from Mahabaleshwar, Dhobi falls is situated amid hills, which are cascading into the valley in a picture perfect setting with lush green natural beauty around the place. The falls meet the Konya river and the whole scenic view is ultimate and awe-inspiring. A perfect picnic spot, these falls is ideal to have a perfect day out with family or friends. Enjoy fun filled frolic in the breathtaking falls with cool splashing water to soothe your heart and soul.
  • Pratapgad Fort: This famous Fort belongs to Shivaji Maharaj, the famous Maratha warrior. It is a heritage situate which is located at about 24kms distance from Mahabaleshwar. The fort is built on top of a hill and is home to temples of Mahadev and Goddess Bhavani. The fort has amazing architecture with chambers, ponds and dark pathway ways. Beauty around the Fort is scenic and archeologists and photographers love to visit the place. A day trip with your family and friends will be amusing in Pratapgad, which is a historical site.
  • Wilson point of Sunrise: it is also known as the sunrise point and is situated at the highest level in Mahabaleshwar. The place captures complete landscape of Mahabaleshwar and viewing sunrise and sunset from here fills your heart with pulsating energy. Formerly known as Sindola hills, you can view the entire hill station from all directions. There are three towers built on the Wilson Point, which can help you view the mystical city completely. The whole view is scenic with tranquility that reigns in the entire region.
  • Elphinestone point: It is situated at a very high level in Mahabaleshwar and is the source of River Savitri. The place was discovered by Dr. Murray in 1830 and is known due to vast green hinterland on lofty cliff. Tourists and locals visit the place regularly due to its stunning beauty and intense flora. Shake off your worries and have a good time in a place which is extremely picturesque.
  • Panch Ganga temple: A major attraction of Mahabaleshwar, Panch Ganga temple is located at the convergence of five major rivers Krishna, Veena, Savitri, Gayatri and Koyna. It is crowded with devotees during the whole year and was established by Raja Singha Deo. A Gaumukhi is situated inside the PanchGanga temple and five rivers flow out of it. The architecture of the temple is elaborate and beautiful with exotic grandeur in every corner. You will get a sense of inner peace which prevails in the temple to soothe souls of nirvana seekers. Beauty around the temple is scenic and exhilarating and it is a historical heritage.
  • Lingmala waterfall: located on the Satara road at 6kms distance from Mahabaleshar, Lingmala waterfall is a combination of two waterfalls cascading from a height of 500 feet. It is a main tourist attraction with refreshing scenery which enthralls your heart and mind to extreme. The place is an epitome of greenery during the monsoon with exquisite flora and fauna lining the place.

Getting there: Hire a cab from Aadesh Cabs to Reach Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai or Pune. You will witness amazing sites on the way as the whole area is scenic and appealing with nature’s opulence. The cab service will take you for complete sightseeing around the place and you can enjoy your holiday without any stress of bus bookings or train bookings.

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