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Alibag the Most Visited Weekend Spot to Chill out from Mumbai


Alibag is a small town situated on the coast and has pristine sandy beaches, clear water and crisp air with non polluted atmosphere and is perfect destination to escape for the weekend from Mumbai. Distance from Mumbai to Alibag is just 100 km and the place boasts of several serene and stunning beaches with awesome weather and mystical coconut groves. The place is dotted with several historical monuments and temples which attract several tourists from the cities around. The place is enchanting and mesmerizing and you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the region by taking a walk amidst coconut groves. Alibag is an island city located on the outskirts of the state and people from all over the world visit the place due to its immaculate beaches and fresh air. It is a perfect weekend getaway and you can enjoy a perfect holiday with seafood on the lovely beaches.

You can reach from Mumbai to Alibag through a ferry from Gateway of India or train from Mumbai station as it is in close proximity to the city. The place is loaded with tourists, especially on weekends and there are several resorts, restaurants and hotels, which must be booked in advance during the season. Some popular places of attraction are Alibag Beach, Kihim beach, Kanakeshwar Devasthan temple, Kanakeshwar forest, Hanuman temple and Kolaba fort. The place is very historic with several museums and observatories displaying cultures of Maratha Empire and Portugese people. Things you will enjoy in Alibag:

• Visit the Naval base at Varsoli: Varsoli beach is one of the largest beaches of the region and houses a large naval base of India. You can admire the beauty of the place which has white sand and fewer visitors. You can enjoy the peace and tranquility on the beach and enjoy your stroll.

• Walk on the silky sands of Alibag beach: the place is quite mesmerizing with a long flat stretch where you can enjoy long walks or jog in the mornings or evenings. The sand here is black and hard in texture and strolling on the beach with waves gushing at your feet is quite an experience. Ganesh temple is also situated at this place which is about 400 years old.

• Visit Nagaon: the place is known for coconuts and betel nuts where you can relax on the beach while sipping fresh coconut water or take a walk in the sand. The place also offers activities like water sports and adventure sports so if you are an adventure seeker, you can have a thrilling experience.

• Akshi Beach: it is a very scenic and gorgeous beach which is very popular for shooting advertisements, movies or TV serials. The place is awesome and has flat stretch which makes it apt for children and visitors.

• Kihim Beach: this beach is quite scenic with best shoreline and crystal clear water. The place is a delight for photographers and has greenery around the coast making it look splendid. You can spend time in tranquility and calmness with a cool breeze lapping at your face. Flora and fauna of this beach are remarkable with rare butterflies and other organisms. There are several coconut trees on the beach and you can enjoy fresh coconut water while lying down on the sandy beach.

• Kolaba fort: this mystical fort is located on the shores of Alibag beach and has one entrance from the sea and other towards the town of Alibag. There is a Siddhi Vinayak temple inside the fort, which is the main attraction of the fort.

• Kanakeshwar Forest: the forest is a spectacular one with which is very dense with rare type of flora and fauna. The climate of the forest is cool with sea breezes coming from the coast. Several tourists visit the Shiva Temple situated on a hill near village of Mapgaon and there are around 750 steps which carry you to the temple.

• Magnetic Observatory: established in 1904, Alibag Magnetic Observatory is very unique and is one of the 13 Observatories throughout the world. The place provides Geo-magnetic data and is one of the primary magnetic observatories. There are two buildings, of which the first one houses magnetometers which record changes in the geomagnetic field and the second one houses precision recording instruments which deliver data of geomagnetic storms.

If you are planning a weekend escapade from Mumbai to Alibag, make sure to leave behind all your worries and stress and enjoy in the magnificent place full of Konkani charm.

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