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Matheran the Heavenly Place to Relieve your Stress this Monsoon


Matheran is a perfect escapade for people from Mumbai to enjoy the weekend or small trip away from the city life full of stress and hustle-bustle. You can feel rejuvenated in the cool air and forget all the tensions crowding your heart and mind. A small hill station, Matheran is located in the Kajrat town of Raigad district and it means forest on top. The place is calm and serene with lush green surroundings and rugged mountains which make the place tranquil and placid. Vehicles are not allowed in the town which makes it pollution free and spectacular. It is a pedestrian hill station, which is located at the top of the Sahyadri mountain range. People take a weekend getaway from Mumbai to Matheran, which is lush green woodland covered with dense forests, colonial bungalows and ancient world charisma. The place is full of meandering pathways with chilly mountain air and awesome landscapes, which are covered, swirling mist and rain clouds in monsoon with occasional downpours during monsoons. Waterfalls in the region are majestic with clear water gurgling down the mystical mountains and falling into crystal clear lagoons. Amidst of all this magnificence is a charming little train which swigs into the scenic beauty of Matheran from Neral.
In Matheran you can experience blissful nature and relax by taking a break from hectic and busy life. Situated at about 90 km distance from Mumbai, you can enjoy its tranquility and scenic beauty during a weekend or small trip. It is an eco-sensitive region, which transports you into the previous century where there were no vehicles. The place is covered with dense forests and has spectacular hills and valleys which are very scenic.

Places of interest:

Matheran is a small paradise situated on hills and is thick woodland with shady walks of red mud and green moss all around. The pathways in Matheran are still made of mud and all the vegetation grows wildly in the nature making it unique and awesome. There are several places of interest in the town which make Matheran a hub for tourists. Matheran has 38 look out points like panorama point, monkey point, porcupine point etc. which provide fantastic views of the valley around the hills. You can visit the places while trekking or on horses as vehicles are banned in the region.

• Visit to the market: Matheran has a small market which has several shops and stalls selling products from the town. Kolhapuri Chappals, leather bags, shoes, caps, belts etc. are some of the products fabricated by workmen in the region. Every leather good has exclusive workmanship and are available at affordable prices. Northern is also famous for glass birds, dry flowers and chikki a hard candy.

• Charlotte, Lake: it is a lovely lake with beautiful scenic view and greenery all around. The Lake provides drinking water to the town, which is why fishing, swimming and boating are prohibited. However, you can bask in the beauty of the place with enchanting landscapes and rugged mountains. The place is a picnic spot with dam at one ending and temple at the other one. Children can enjoy in the panther’s cave and Paymaster’s park.

• Panorama Point: it is a magnificent place which is popular as a picnic spot and the point provides a 360 degree view of Matheran and places around it. You can also witness sunrise from here and enjoy the green landscape.

• Karnala Fort Trek: You can take an adventurous trek around the Karnala Fort and put your adventurous streak to test by reaching the mountain top and witnessing the beauty of the mountains with lush green valleys and misty hilltops.

• Trek to Chanderi caves: you can enjoy trekking with your fellow travelers to Chanderi caves, which are situated in a grand mountain ranges and experience adrenaline gushing inside you. The place has a magnificent landscape with mountains, meandering trails and plush green beauty surrounding the place. You will feel ecstatic at the amazing view of the Sahyadri Mountains.

Climate of Matheran:

Matheran is the cool hill station in the region and can be visited all the year round. Summer season is pleasant from March to May and several tourists visit the place for a peaceful holiday or honeymoon. Matheran is very beautiful in monsoons as it is covered with mists and clouds with an average rainfall. Waterfalls are filled with fresh water and tourisits coming from Mumbai to Matheran can enjoy the cool mountain water falling from the mist covered mountain on the way to Matheran. Winters are quite cold with low temperature ranging between 12-15 degrees and tourists love to stay here for sightseeing.

You can ease your cobwebbed mind in this mystical place full of pleasant surprises by Mother Nature, so plan your trip from Mumbai to Matheran today.

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