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The Best Things to Do & See in Mahabaleshwar and Best winter destinations in Maharashtra – Mahabaleshwar


Are you tired of your hectic work schedule and need a break? Well, you can probably go to Mahabaleshwar and take a break from work. Mahabaleshwar along with Penchant is one of the best to place to spend your vacation and make it a memorable one.

Mahabaleshwar, the Best Place to Spend your Vacations

Mahabaleshwar will give you a cool refreshing break with its cool weather and relieve your stress. Mahabaleshwar is full of beautiful places to tour around like forts, hill stations, tabletop mountains and fog filled hills. For accommodations, there are a lot of resorts and hotels available for the different budget range. Finding accommodation would not be a hectic job to do as there are plenty of such resorts and hotels ranging from cheap budget hotels to 5-star hotels. The place is foggy in the morning time and the evening time. Thus you have to stick to the clock and visit higher places in the afternoon time and return back before 5 to 6 pm in the evening to avoid dangerous journey in fog. At evening time you though visit the lower places in the town like the marketplace and go shopping. You need to bargain a lot these markets to get cheap items. Strawberries are famous in Mahabaleshwar hill station. You should not forget to get yourself a strawberry shake and some raw strawberries for home. Once you are in Mahabaleshwar you should try its strawberries, do horse riding, and go on a boating and excursions. There are many viewpoints for tourists in the valleys. Mahabaleshwar also has exciting activities for you to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Those include paragliding, water sports, go-karting and many more activities which are worth trying once.

Mahabaleshwar along with Mahabaleshwar Hill Station, have many other places to visit like the ancient Mahabaleshwar temple which a very peaceful place to visit and get the blessings of Mahabaleshwar (another name of Lord Shiva). You might easily miss this temple as the temple is located in a crowded area. The Lingmala Waterfall is the only waterfall in Mahabaleshwar. The fall offers a good pleasant view even from a good distance. This waterfall is barely 6 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar. Elephant’s Head Point is another great location to visit and watch the amazing view of the scenery. There is a total of a 2 to 3 viewpoint in this region to view the interesting elephant’s head naturally made from rocks along with some interesting stories narrated by the guides. Wilson Point is famous for its amazing sunrise view. Photographers usually gain interest in this view. This view point is tough for kids and aged people as this place has a scarcity of oxygen due to high altitude. The Sunset Point also has a beautiful view of the setting sun as the name suggests. It’s a romantic place to be around with your beloved. This place has options of a variety of food nearby.

Mahabaleshwar has the best hill station in Maharashtra to chill out in your vacations and have fun with your family with interesting activities and beautiful sceneries all around.

Getting there: Hire a cab from Aadesh Cabs to Reach Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai or Pune. You will witness amazing sites on the way as the whole area is scenic and appealing with nature’s opulence. The cab service will take you for complete sightseeing around the place and you can enjoy your holiday without any stress of bus bookings or train bookings.

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